Hello. This blog is my tale of leaving corporate America, retiring and relocating from the mid-west U.S. to Ecuador with my 22 year old son.

It was not an easy decision but made after my job was eliminated and 2.5 years before my target date to retire. So here we are, not quite ready to go but we’re tackling it just the same. Some things are up in the air here at home but we’re going anyway. We are working through things step by step and we’re pulling our documents together for an I-9 visa which is the Pensioner’s visa.

We are hoping to be there by the summer of 2015 but we’ll see how it goes – it all depends on how soon we get our visa paperwork approved and how some things work out on the home-front.

And there will be some other stories about Nick and me shared as we go, since I’m finding a new life for myself now in this new world of retirement and being an ex-pat. Nick is also finding a new life as an ex-pat plus he is hoping to work in music as a D.J. and we’re both hoping to work with import export once we get settled. Of course we’re both learing Spanish.

So, visas, housings, a new language, and new life paths — sounds pretty easy. See you there.



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