Gimme a break..

Gimme a break…you know that Kit Kat commercial where they sing that song, “gimme a break, gimme a break….” well, I’m singing it because I need a break not a Kit-Kat bar.

A month ago we were waiting on final documents and we have now have them being apostilled. Everything will be finalized by the first week of July on the paper side of things. Our Ecuadorian lawyer says my son will be welcomed in Ecuador with his legal last name which is the same as mine (so no refund for me after all!)

As far as packing, we have narrowed down a 4 bedroom house to no furniture (we’ve donated or given the furniture away to friends), some linens (we’ll buy new), a very few momentoes, a bit of artwork, clothing and personal items. Wow! We’re almost done.

It has been a long and hard road. I’ve just started a project team group meeting with some folks who are actually looking for work and while I’m not looking for work I am reporting in on my activities related to moving. It is nice to be back in the professional environment if just for an hour every two weeks and share ideas with such a great group of people as we’re all facing different challenges – they in networking and looking for career opportunities, and me networking and simply broadening my horizons professionally.

Next week is our meeting with the international moving company and now we can actually talk projected box numbers and sizes so I can get a realistic estimate together. Once our visa is actually stamped we have 6 month in which to ship our personal goods with no customs tax on the majority of items. That should be plenty of time to find our new home and schedule shipment.

It is late here as I’m writing this because I keep thinking of all the things that still need to be completed – yet I’m pretty excited at all the things we have already accomplished. So think I’ll call it a day and take that break for now.

Take care.



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