Boxes, and luggage, and bags! Oh my!

Ok, one night I must have come home from work, pulled out a world map, closed my eyes (after too much to drink maybe) and simply picked out a place on the map. Plop here we are – Ecuador. Not some place close to home – no, too easy, just 2,773 miles away. An easy move right?

So 11 apostilled documents later, 1 document received from Virginia we were waiting on and now another one that we find we need from N.C. Wow, the fun just never stops. Tally all – we’re up to 15!

Pension document is in D.C. at the Ecuadorian Embassy being certified now hopefully and I’m looking forward to having it back safely in hand soon.

Then it starts all over again on the Ecuadorian side of the border with translation into Spanish, notarization (which there is by a lawyer who is their notary) then will be apostilled again by them.

Not sure if I will be on the groud for that part of the fun or not. At some point we need to apartment shop and move some vital things down. Like clothes, a few things, our pups, us.

Now why “boxes, luggage and bags”? Well, dear, because I keep pulling things out to pack, store or toss. Nick said it reminded him of the, “lions, and tigers and bears, OH MY!”

He also said I keep changing my mind and that is why we need boxes, luggage and bags but we’ll get there. I feel the sword of damocles as the date draws closer and closer and I find more and more “stuff” that we need to deal with here.

But that said I am excited to be on the other side of the 2,773 miles!



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