On my toes so much I could be a “Dancing Machine!”

Some days doesn’t it just feel like you are just “on?” I mean, you could not be doing things any better right? I’m having one of those. I’m doing so well, I could be a dancing queen about now.

I just got a call from the Public Records Department in Virginia. I am so “on my toes!” I had prepared the paperwork for the document needed for the visa as I had mentioned in my previous post. It called for a fee of $12 per copy requested. I had very carefully requested 3 copies. That would cost $36 dollars which I had indicated was paid with a money order.

The money order was purchased. Oh yes..I’m doing good right?  But silly me – I did NOT include it with the application. Dancing, yes, I’m dancing!

So the lovely lady in Virginia called me instead of sending the application back to me which would have been the normal thing to do. Instead she just asked that I send the money and put her name on the outside of the envelope.

Now how many govenment officials do you know who would do that. The stars must be aligned today just right. That envelope (with money order enclosed this time, yes oh mighty Jupiter) is now in the mail.

Oh yeah, I’m dancing all right! But not to the right tune lately. But let’s just say the lovely people in the Virginia public records offices are being very helpful these days and I’m extremely grateful for their kindness!

So looks like I will get my document all signed, sealed and ready to send right back to the Secretary of State, VA for apostille! Oh wait, Virginia is not a state but a Commonwealth. Back to the drawing boards to figure out how to get an apostille since they won’t do one without an in person Virginia notary stamp. It’s always something right?

We did get our FBI Criminal Background Checks back from the DC Secretary of State with Apostille! One set of forms are now officially ready! Piece by piece, step by step, inch by inch….

This process is a bit more time consuming since our documents are from multiple states. Most will be taken to Columbus next week for the Apostille. That will help morale wise to see the largest chunk of them completed.

Still leaves the question about my son … but I’m very hopeful he will prove out to be my son…fingers still crossed on that one. And of course now the challenge with Virginia. May be a road trip in store just to get apostilled documents.

Two steps to the right, a backwards twirl and maybe a couple of back flips thrown in might help.

See you next time.








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