Hiccup, yes, there is a slight hiccup in our visa paperwork! OH NO!

The fun just keeps on rolling folks. And one would not believe this one but….

In order to move to Ecuador you can’t just swim down to South America…well, I guess you could if you are in good enough condition. But they will kick you out without the right paperwork.

So if you want to stay you have to get the right visa. We are going to use my pension for what is called the I-9 Visa so we can eventually apply for citizenship.

In order to apply for most any visa one needs the following:

  1. 1. birth certificates for us both
  2. my last divorce decree (you need only the latest one if you have more than one)
  3. since we are moving on what is called a “pension visa” we need documentation verifying the pension. If you are using social security than that, currently the required amount must be over $800 for one and $100 more for each dependent per month
  4. notarized passport copies which show you will have at least 6 more months validity from the time you enter Ecuador
  5. your visa applications
  6. a letter to the Ecuadorian Embassy expressing why you want to live in Ecuador
  7. 4 each (or maybe it was 2 but we’re going in armed) passport size photos on white background
  8. your migration certificate which you will get when you go through customs in Ecuador
  9. and you will need a certificate from the Ecuadorian Embassy in the country you are from verifying your pension funds
  10. for U.S. citizens you need an FBI criminal background check
  11. and your state background check for the last 5 years

The really fun part is each document must be notarized, then for Ohio documents the notary stamp must be “certified” by the Clerk of Court. Then each document must be “apostilled” by the Secretary of State in whatever state that document originated. So for me and Nick who have lived in 4 or 5 states, this is a really fun ordeal.

Now here is the hiccup. I’m getting push back from my CuencaEcuador lawyer because my son’s last name is the same as mine instead of his father’s (we’re divorced.) They don’t understand why his name is the same as his mom and not his dad – even though we’re divorced. It is on his birth certificate and they are questioning if he really is my son. This could mean he won’t get a visa. Like really?

Anyone have a cure for the hiccups? I have a bad case right now!!!!!

But wait, there is a bright side to this? Do ya think if they don’t agree he really is my son that I’ll get all the money back that I have spent on him up until now? Hum…..

Wishing you light and success wherever you are in life.


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