The start of something new

Hello world,

I’ve been encouraged to start a blog and share a few of my life’s laughs and challenges. You see I am hitting that magic age of recently forced retirement (too old, job eliminated, a few back problems – oh wait, a lot!) so I am taking my pension and moving to Ecuador.

The plan was to move to Ecuador, become an ex-pat but in 2 years when I was “Ready.” Yes with a capital R. Like my financial plans just right, my house sold at just the right time, my pension exactly where I had planned it to be.

Now if life had just played along with that plan – things would be a bit more smoothly going in my planned direction. However, somehow life didn’t decide that was what was going to happen.

So here we are going early, things all thrown into life’s little basket of upside down mishaps and craziness and nothing is going as planned. Nope, not a thing. I’m not ready, financial bumps, big ole major hurdles have hit, and we’re no where at kick off time.

But being told your plans are not your plans anymore and the job you had counted on is gone – well, you got to decide if you are going to go crawl into a hole or just pick yourself up and move forward. With some health issues I just can’t go out and get another job, after all I’m OLD. Not OLD like in ancient, but old enough that I know with my health I am not going into another corporate rat race. I simply can’t do it and try to get through the days. Nope. Not anymore.

So here we are. Trying to figure out how the heck we’re gonna get through and get out of Dodge. Dodge meaning Ohio. So we’re (we being my 22 year old son Nick and me) making some really hard decisions like:

  • can we afford to move things we love with us
  • we already know we are going to have to rent for now until we get to a place where we will be able to purchase a home – may be a while but that is ok – but when is the question?
  • will we be able to take our pets (a really hard decision)
  • with my health will we be able to start up the businesses we had planned for income
  • and just what the heck are we doing now? should we rethink this whole thing?
  • and who am I now that I have no heavy work objectives — I am sort of lost lately?

And along the way my son, Nick, and I are dealing with getting our visa paperwork together, determing what to keep and ship (or not), learning Spanish (he is so much faster than I am!) and finding my new place in this world after working all my life.

So I expect you’ll be getting to know us and hear a lot about us as we begin this crazy adventure of our’s and hear some of our questions as we move through this.

We know we are still going. But we also know it will be a bit tougher than we anticipated. However, we’re also up for the challenge.

Stay tuned. Wishing you light and success wherever you are in life!


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